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PAOLO VERNIER : designer spotlight Furniture Designer & Chairman of MIDJ in Italy

The slightest irregularity or technical defect motivates him to improve and find the most ingenious solutions.

Thanks to Paolo, MIDJ is now a prolific and high-quality furniture brand, well-known worldwide.

In addition to renowned chairs such as “Nenè” and “Zelig”, he has also developed MIDJ tables, such as “Bond” and “Luna”.

He prefers simple elegant lines for his design projects, which easily adapt to all types of hospitality and modern home environments. This ensures a timeless elegance to his creations, ensuring that a Paolo Vernier design, will have longevity in its product life cycle and sales potential.

While sketching his designs, Paolo pays meticulous attention to technical and design features that allow an excellent quality-to-price ratio.

He is one of the few designers who knows how to combine creativity and technology. These are often two considerations, which are not always compatible.

Paolo Vernier’s latest additions with his collections “Olá” and “Nené”, are available upon request through Classique, across Australia.


Q: You joined Classique as part of the Logistics crew during 1995, after founder Tom Bihari relocated Headquarters from Northern Sydney to the industrial park at Somersby.

Now as Sales Director, did you expect the company to evolve and diversify in such a way ?

A: Thinking Back to the products we ranged back then and type of stock we held, no I wouldn’t have. But in saying that, I believed from a early stage and young age of 18, that Tom had his feet on the ground. He was always looking at alternative products and unique business lines, that would keep us going ahead.

Q: What have been the key moments or achievements, which you can look back on over 20 years, which fill you with pride as part of Classique ?

A: The way in which I have personally grown within the Business in way of Roles and Responsibilities, and also the Brands and Designs we have represented along the way with supply to some fairly major Clients.

Q: Of the new material innovations launched by Classique to the Australian market …. which do you think amaze your clients, with a unique bench-mark or “game-changer” to the furniture industry ?

A: Certainly the use of Rope has been a Welcome addition to the Australian market, and now with the Recent Introduction of MBM Resysta, things will only get more interesting.

Q: Which designer from all brands by Classique, stands taller than most, in your eyes over the course of 20 Years through handling Classique designs ?

A: Franco Poli, with the likes of Matteograssi (now Busnelli’s) “Loom” and “Arete” laser-cut hide leather.

Q: In 2016, which design has been the strongest performer with overall enquiries and orders ?

A: Eureka Armchair with the proven & tested Faux Timber. This design just celebrated 10 Years of being sold both on the Contract and Retail supply market

Q: Which new design/s, do you expect to generate maximum impact, as we head toward 2017 ?

A: The expansion of the Calga and Rope ranges.

Q: Any words to summarise the highs and lows of working for a diversifying small business for 20 Years :

A: • Open communication lines / ease of approaching Key decision makers • Transparency • Close knit • Diverse roles • Back up staff in way of support

Q: Have a Merry Christmas to you and the Family Warren !

MBM by Resysta .. from 2017 @ Classique. + Architectural Projects featuring eco-safe Resysta®

MBM 2017 Outdoor Home Collection Catalogue

continued ….

Since the foundation of the family business in 1954, M.B.M are manufacturers of high quality outdoor furniture. Their passion is to create bespoke furniture for daily use which will withstand the rigors of the marine environment and the harshest climates on Earth, be it used for Residential or Commercial Locations.

Materials such as wrought iron, mesh and Resysta®, allow M.B.M to develop new signature designs to bring fresh new themes throughout their collections.

Resysta® is truly a non-slip, fire-retardant timber-look material, composed of unique recyclable materials and patented worldwide.

It is composed of :

  • 60% rice husk,
  • 22% common salt,
  • 18% mineral oils.

Available to be made in 30 Colours for customised production and also fully repairable, with densities just as strong as any hardwood.

Resysta® has shaping properties that you would not normally find with traditional composite materials or outdoor solid timbers.

Resysta® will not deteriorate, not be damaged from chlorine or salt residue and will heavily resist fading, cracking, warping and will not swell, regardless of any moisture.

Tested to International Standards to withstand the harshest of heat, frost and UV raditions.

Resysta® will simply out-perform any other type of timber-look composite material available on the global market.

100% made in-house at the MBM Furniture Factory, Resysta® is manufactured with German precision, quality control and technology.

The exciting MBM Outdoor Furniture Collection, will be available for trade projects and retail stockist markets, across Australia, by Classique from 2017.

2017 Outdoor Collection by EGO Paris *** NEW CATALOGUE ***

The 2017 Catalogue display's this brand's most impressive array of design additions and new colour and finish options, to be added to the EGO Paris brand since its beginning.
The 2017 Catalogue display's this brand's most impressive array of design additions and new colour and finish options, to be added to the EGO Paris brand since its beginning.

EGO Paris have added to existing families of outstanding design innovation for Luxury Outdoor Furniture in 2017.

Additional new designs and new on-trend accent colours and patterns to add timeless elegance to any architectural or interior design project.

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award and recognised as one of France’s leading designer brands, setting new benchmarks in customisation and innovation.

EGO Paris designs, make for the ideal specification of furniture, for project types such as the :

  • luxury home,
  • hotel,
  • workspace,
  • restaurants
  • clubs,
  • function venues.

THE HIVE is the Buzz | EGO Paris swarms into 2016, with Indoor-Outdoor design genius.

THE HIVE EM14 - EGO Paris Catalogue extract 2016

Designed by Fabric Berrux; this modular series of lounge chairs, ottomans, low tables, sofas and daybeds; allows for a truly versatile and social engagement of Indoor / Outdoor luxury designs … at its best !

With all frames made from rust-free aluminium with a scratch-resistant lacquer, there is an amazing array of choice; which defines the individualist philosophy behind EGO Paris.

Get into THE HIVE … and love your space more with this audacious iconic range of indoor/outdoor masterpieces.

  • 22 outstanding lacquer colours for the frame;
  • 10 complementing table-top finishes
  • 13 bold outdoor fabric colours by Sunbrella(R)
  • 5 marine-grade vinyl options
  • 5 striking patterns of outdoor fabric by MISSONI(R)
  • 3 varieties of textilene mesh to blend with the colour choice


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