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ARMA-01 armchair

Emmanuel Mastio,

Lead Time 4 – 8 Weeks


RRP upto AUD $1899

ARMA-01 Armchair is an inspired addition to the ARMALUGI ergo-wellness collection, designed by Emmanuel Mastio.

The concept behind ARMALUGI was to create a line of sustainable and locally-made complementary designs, that bring to life the globally patented ergonomic concept by the designer, which aim to create a self-correcting

The ARMALUGI 2020 collection commissioned by Dave Bihari owner of CLASSIQUE, comprises the ARMA armchair and the LUGI chaise longue with complementary side and coffee tables.

Leveraging a global utility patent by inventor and designer Emmanuel Mastio, the ARMALUGI finds the ideal balance between aesthetic form and ergonomic function, delivering distinctive wellness benefits suited for both commercial and home project specifications.

The proposition: Most lounges and chairs will not support the spine in a way to guarantee perfect posture and comfort. The ARMALUGI slim timber frame with removable fabric or hide leather, uses the movement of the sling to self-correct the body’s spinal positioning.
These slings can be replaced for a new look or new owner, adjusted for height and comfort easily and without the use of nuts and bolts. This is a product to own and love for life.
It can also be commissioned for indoor or outdoor use with appropriate timbers and fabrics.

This is a collection designed with longevity in mind and made from sustainably sourced timbers with the highest quality fabrics and chrome-free vegetable tanned hide leather.

Underpinning this collaboration is a sincere sharing of common values and multidisciplinary expertise. Ergonomic features were tested and validated by musculoskeletal physiotherapist Dr Tamer Sabet of the Sydney Spine Institute. Hide leather expertise were provided by Ian Fischl from NSW Leather Co. Production and detailed design choices were made in collaboration with our selected manufacturing partner Furniture By Design of Sydney.

The pelvic problem inherent to the transition between seat and backrest has always been compromised. This transition is either non-existent by presenting an empty space, or it is too rigid, or too supple. That means the user’s back has to adapt to the shape of the chair, when it is the chair that should adapt to the user. Thus, a common consequence of the design of most chairs is that the user’s pelvis rotates backwards when reclining which often causes back pain.

The inventive solution applied in the ARMALUGI collection creates a transition that is both supple and rigid at the same time. When sitting, the supple transition initially takes the shape of the user’s lower back.

When the user reclines, the chair maintains the so-called neutral position of the pelvis by firming up.

By challenging the technical status quo, the true standout resides in the patented solution, which entails novelty, inventive step and its efficient use of materials in the production process.

This is an invention that unmistakably provides a new user experience, a remarkable feat considering the chair is one of the most patented object worldwide.


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